YJA members are being offered a 25 percent discount on first year’s membership of The Cruising Association, giving access to a great information source and technical services, huge range of discounts and accommodation overlooking The Thames in the heart of London’s trendy Limehouse at very, very old-fashioned prices.

 This is the first of a range of new YJA membership benefits we aim to add over the coming year to make your membership really work for you.

 The CA, whose patron is Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, was founded in 1908 and has grown to be the authoritative voice on cruising matters, with 6000 members worldwide. It consults to government and is a powerful campaigning voice for all leisure sailors with a formidable team of experts and advisors keeping on top of all the issues of concern to re-creational water users, both nationally and internationally.

 Here’s are some of the reasons we think CA membership is really worthwhile for YJA members.

Information and News Source: From Brexit to lobster pots, VAT, visas and import tariffs, the CA is on the case; membership provides working journalists with access to a great news resource, through the CA’s Regulations and Technical Services, the quarterly Cruising magazine and a body of expert sources at your fingertips. The CA’s 10,000-volume maritime library is the largest in private hands.
Discounts: These are too many to mention but include marina fees (all over the world), chandlery, clothing, accommodation, holidays/charter, villas, boatyards, insurance and electronics. Frankly, these are worth more than the price of membership.
Accommodation: Stay in an en-suite B&B cabin in Limehouse, London from £52 per night for a single, £67 for two (includes a household member).

Here’s the deal for YJA members. When paid by direct debit the first year’s membership is £99 instead of £132. Below are links to an information brochure and membership form. Write YJA at top if you use the paper form. If joining on-line at www.theca.org.uk insert the code YJA.

For editorial enquiries, contact the CA’s Press & PR Manager, Peta Stuart-Hunt, here:publicity@theca.org.uk or mob: +44 (0)7711 477707.

Peta said: “We need the benefits of this new and highly logical relationship to work for all parties and from my perspective as the CA’s Press & PR Manager, I would like to encourage more contact with lifestyle and leisure writers who might be interested in reporting on CA campaigns – for example to get better marking of static fishing gear and lobster pots to help avoid more catastrophic boating accidents through dangerous entanglements .”

CA membership brochure – ONLINE VIEW

CA membership form