It is now imperative that we continue to increase our membership as the current and increasingly ageing listings are failing to raise sufficient funds to support the costs of managing the Association. In support of this your Committee have agreed to modify the Constitution in order to make membership more relevant and attractive to those who are developing new methods of communication for those involved in our sport & hobby. The proposed variations to the existing Constitution are shown marked in red and are attached to this Notice of AGM.

In view of the current Coronavirus Pandemic this year’s AGM will be held via a FREE Video Link (Log On details below) which will take place at 1200 Noon BST on Thursday, May 21, 2020. If however you are unable to attend, but wish to Vote or Nominate another member for a position on the Committee, you should make your intentions known, in advance, to the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the date and time of the meeting. Any such submissions MUST be made in writing, either by Email to, or by post to YJA Secretary, 45 The Ridgway, Brighton BN2 6PD and with regard to Committee Nominations, include the written agreement of the Nominee.

Please ALSO find attached the AGM Agenda, the proposed revised Constitution and the list of those Officers and Members of the Committee who have agreed to seek re-election.

I look forward to either seeing you “in vision” on May 21 or hearing from you with any Committee Nomination and your votes for both the Association’s Officers and Committee and the Constitutional Amendments.


Chris English
YJA Secretary

To join the YJA Zoom Meeting highlight the following link, then right click and select Open Hyperlink

When requested, pleased enter the following:-
Meeting ID: 879 2848 0595
Password: 2EUTxi

PLEASE NOTE Your microphone will be automatically muted on joining the meeting. If you wish to speak, please unmute your microphone, speak and then re-mute again, otherwise the background noise will build up.
In order that we may start on time please join the meeting a few minutes before the 1200 Noon start time.
As Zoom meetings are time limited, please be concise and keep your Questions/Comments as brief as possible. If you encounter any problems connecting to the meeting, please ‘phone Cliff on 07900 696724.


CLICK HERE for Constitution Change proposals

CLICK HERE for present Committee and Officers