The Yachting Journalists’ Association is committed to comply with all current and anticipated Data Protection laws applicable to the UK.

The YJA holds and processes personal and special or sensitive personal data for these purposes:

  1. Personal data of Members of the Association (Data Subjects) is held for the purposes of: a. Record-keeping; b. Administration; c. The support of Members; d. Communicating with Members
    · Membership data is not shared with any third party nor is it used for marketing purposes.
  2. The publication of an Online Directory, and from time to time a printed Handbook containing members’ details, is an essential benefit of membership, and this directory is freely available to editors and publishers world-wide seeking contributors for all classification of publications in print, online and broadcast.
  3. The Association has no full or part-time employees and administration is the responsibility of the hon secretary and hon treasurer who are members of the Association.
  4. The Club holds digital images of members used as part of the online directory, and in the production of yearly membership cards. The Association may also publish photographs of members involved in sailing and boating activities in its newsletters, online and its handbook.

The Lawful Basis for processing and holding data is for the necessary pursuit of the Association’s legitimate interests

The Association’s Data Retention Schedule is available on its website. All data is securely hosted and erased after a maximum of seven years in archive. All Data Subjects have the right to have access to data which relate to them and which is held by the YJA; Corrections as required by legislation and upon reasonable request by the Member.

Additionally, in respect of item 2, to withdraw their consent to further processing and/or retention. Any Member who refuses to grant the YJA reasonable request to hold and process any personal data for the purposes of membership or who does so and subsequently withdraws permission cannot remain a Member.

All Data Subjects have the right to complain about data management and processing to the Information Commissioner (www.ico.org.uk). (From May 25, 2018 no charge will normally be made for the exercise of these Rights).

All enquiries, issues and concerns in connection with Data Protection matters shall be raised in the first instance with the Hon Secretary. The YJA reserves the right to amend this Data Privacy Statement from time to time without prior notice. Members are advised to check the YJA website regularly for any amendments. Amendments will not be made retrospectively.