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2023 YJA Yachting Awards – Finalists Revealed Amidst a Thrilling Year of Nominations

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Getting to know the YJA

THE aim of the Yachting Journalists’ Association is to promote greater awareness of all aspects of leisure boating through the professional services offered by its members. These include the written word – in newspapers, magazines books and websites; the spoken word – on radio, on television and in visual presentations; and illustrations.

The YJA represents hundreds of specialist marine journalists, photographers, TV and radio presenters and Web editors across all the major sailing and boating regions in the world.

The membership includes specialist illustrators and designers and some of the world’s most talented marine photographers.

YJA members report and comment on all aspects of the boating scene in everything from local newspapers and radio to world-wide satellite television channels.

The details of YJA members that appear on the following pages provides a choice of qualified journalists, photographers and presenters with the skills to do justice to any event or promotion – be it a local regatta or major international event.

Involving experienced YJA members in the early stages of the promotion of an event can result in rich benefits for all involved.

It is in the interests of every publisher, radio and television organisation, advertising agency, public relations consultancy, event organiser and sponsor to arrange the best possible coverage of any event or promotion. Within these pages will be found the wherewithal to achieve this by harnessing the talents of YJA members.

The List of Members is constantly being updated. Each entry offers a broad guide to each member’s involvement in yachting journalism. For example, many writers operate in several different media: journalists are sometimes authors and staff writers frequently supply material to overseas publications on a freelance basis.

Application for membership may be made online via this website. This requests details of the applicant’s professional position and involvement in yachting or watersports media activity, be it journalism, TV, radio, PR, marketing or other related occupations.